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Committed to supply optimal products that meet the needs of our customers and buyers. Our main product lines are bath towels, hand towels, face towels, bath mats, bath robes, gift towels, beach towels and pool towels. They are luxurious, soft and highly absorbent and immensely comfortable.
  We also supply kitchen (tea) towels, osnaburg towels shop (wipers) towels, grill pads, exercise towels knit finishing towels, glass towels, napkins etc .  
  Our Commitment  
Jaantex Industries well experiences management team is carefully steering the company’s future direction. They have wisely decided to build the business prudently and deliberately, maintaining their emphasis on overall situation of customers. Management policies are practical, with an eye towards steady and sustainable expansion. Jaantex is a growing company in a growing economy and can be the trusted source of procurement from Bangladesh.

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